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The Olympic Bird Fanciers Website is Back!

Welcome back to the Olympic Bird Fanciers’ website!  It’s been awhile.  Hopefully the wait was worth it.  This post will be updated shortly to tell you all the great new things you can do here, as well as plans for the future.  Meanwhile, have a look around and see what you can find.  

(Hint:  If you register with the site you’ll see more and – of course – if you become an official member of OBF you’ll see the most of all.)

Early Adopters Wanted

Are you a Facebook whiz, someone who likes writing, or graphics, or photography, or just about any sort of visual art?  Do you have experience with online forums like Reddit or Quora? Join us in the Early Adopters Group and let’s talk about how we can make this site perfect before we announce it to the general public.  We’d like to have a vibrant online community going beforehand so that new visitors will be more inclined to stay.


Social Network

Social Network
Social Network Menus

The site has a Facebook-like (but private) social network in which members and non-members may share information on virtually any topic.  Like Facebook, the OBF social network includes a personal profile for each registered user in which photos, videos, and other content can be stored and shared.  Also like Facebook, users can form groups based on shared interests.  The groups may be as public or private as the members of each group want.  Some groups will be open only to dues-paying OBF members while others will be open to anyone who visits the site.


Unlike Facebook, the OBF website has forums which are areas in which visitors to the site may discuss specific topics.  Like groups, forums may be as public or as private as the participants like, and some forums will only be open to OFB members.


The calendar shows upcoming OBF events.


Galleries contain photos and videos that have been shared by OBF with the general public.


Be sure to let your friendly neighborhood webmaster know if you encounter any problems while you’re here.  It’s a new site so there are undoubtedly bugs to be worked out.

Thanks for visiting Olympic Bird Fanciers.

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