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    Todd Penland

    I get calls all the time at the store asking for cage recommendations. For me there are so many variables involved in selecting a cage that remember all the details is impossible and I’ve tried finding an online resource to help choose a cage. I haven’t found any. So I’m thinking of creating my own on the store’s website. (It can hurt with cage sales either.)

    So, other than these elements, what other information should a cage database contain:

    Size: (Length, width, depth)


    Sue Marshall

    Bar diameter and spacing is huge! You don’t want wide bars for a small bird as they can get stuck in it. Big birds need large diameter bars to help with climbing and to be sturdy enough.

    To have a playtop or not is a consideration. Sometimes they can be nice to have if your space is limited although they make the cage darker which is a BIG negative. Also, some birds are territorial about their cages so it’s better to move them to some different play area.

    Finish is important. Either a good quality powder coating or stainless steel are easier to keep clean.



    I personally have narrowed down the companies I deal with – A & E Cage Co and Avian Adventures have been my favorites. I also encourage the buyer to do lots of research before buying any cage- new or used. Just because it is new- does not mean it is safe- lots of manufacturers have high levels of metal toxicity.

    Do not buy anything with rust, or broken welds. Check new or used for sharp edges. Not painted, but powder coated is highly recommended.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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