Volunteer Opportunities Page Now Online at OLYBIRDS.ORG

Our website now has a Volunteer Opportunities page!  Now anyone who’s interested in helping Olympic Bird Fanciers do what we do for the birds in our lives (and their people too!) will find plenty of ways to do just that.  Just click or press Volunteer Opportunities on the main menu for more information.

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Olympic Bird Fanciers Exotic Bird Exhibit at the Kitsap County Fair in Bremerton, WA
Olympic Bird Fanciers Exotic Bird Exhibit at the Kitsap County Fair in Bremerton, WA

Olympic Bird Fanciers Exotic Bird Exhibit at the Kitsap County Fair

This is an annual event – and one that is unique to Kitsap County.  Every year Olympic Bird Fanciers invites the public to meet our parrots, ask questions, and get to know all the things about them that those of us who live with them every day have come to know and love about them.  We have volunteers on hand throughout the fair to greet our visitors, talk with them, answer their questions, and keep them from sticking their hands and fingers in the cages.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do?  If so, check out the Volunteer Opportunities page.  There are three volunteer shifts each day of the fair.  You can volunteer for a single shift, or you can volunteer for as many as you like.  Just remember that we have a limited number of passes that allow you to get into the fairgrounds as a volunteer, so be sure you can make it before you sign up.

Suggestions for Future Volunteer Opportunities

Be sure to let us know if other volunteer opportunities arise.  Just use our Contact Us page to send us a message.  Tell us what the opportunity is about and how it fits with our mission to improve the lives of birds in our region and to help inform those who want to know more about them.

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New, Shorter URL for Olympic Bird Fanciers Website

New Shorter URL for Olympic Bird Fanciers Website

I don’t know about you, but typing out olympicbirdfanciers.com all the time gets a bit tiring – especially if you’re doing it on a mobile device as most people do these days. For this reason, I’ve registered a new domain name for the group. You can use the URL for this domain and it will automatically forward you to olympicbirdfanciers.com:


While the record of this new domain is spreading to servers around the world you might get an error when using.  That will pass after a few hours though so keep trying.

So think of all the extra time we’ll have to play with our birds now that we don’t have to type out that long address anymore!

You’re welcome.  πŸ˜‰

Webmaster Todd

The Olympic Bird Fanciers Website is Back!

We;re Back

Welcome back to the Olympic Bird Fanciers’ website!  It’s been awhile.  Hopefully the wait was worth it.  This post will be updated shortly to tell you all the great new things you can do here, as well as plans for the future.  Meanwhile, have a look around and see what you can find.  

(Hint:  If you register with the site you’ll see more and – of course – if you become an official member of OBF you’ll see the most of all.)





The calendar shows upcoming OBF events.


Galleries contain photos and videos that have been shared by OBF with the general public.


Be sure to let your friendly neighborhood webmaster know if you encounter any problems while you’re here.  It’s a new site so there are undoubtedly bugs to be worked out.

Thanks for visiting Olympic Bird Fanciers.